Automotive fabric

Automotive industry bases on high requirements of interior car textiles. Our fabrics are made of highest quality yarn. Materials tolerate havy level of attrition and large weight, which expande their lifetime and makes more comfortable. All of our materials are use by automotive industry at present.You can see them in now a days car models. We offer textiles for car seat upholstery, headings, cars, trucks and buses interiors, as well as for car seat covers. There are materials used by TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN, RENAULT, CITROEN, FORD, PEUGEOT, BMW, FIAT, MERCEDES, SKODA among them.

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Types of textile

We offer, jacquards fabrics, woven fabrics:velours, headliners, vinyls, carpets and textiles used for public transport vechicle and its flour.
According to final kind of product our material are divided. You will find differend flexible levels, weight and width.  We offer more over 2800 different desing and patterned materials as well as plain in may colours. We recomende also 3D textiles with high weight.


Most of our materials are 140 cm to 200 cm width.


Our laminated textiles are ground with PUR foam (1 to 10 mm). We have also unlaminated materials in our offer which we can laminate while ordered.


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