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Many years ago we have started as a remanufacturer in automotive af- ABOUT US termarket. This is why we exactly know how difficult and time – consuming it is to get the right materials to work with. For more than 20 years now we have been supplying leading upholstery companies. We are continuously developing our bussiness, increasing the range of our products, capacity of our warehouse and team of qualified professional sellers providing the best possible customer service. At present we keep over 250000 linear meters of various materials such as fabrics, natural and artificial leathers in our warehouses. Other necessary components for car upholstery such as PU foams, latex foams, specialist threads and many more are available for our clients to choose from offhand. We give our promise to provide our clients with professional customer service by dedicated and experienced team, wide range of products available in stock, lowest possible prices of products and services, the shortest possible time of order completion. Try us and we will do everything within our power to fulfil your upholstery needs! We supply materials, accessories and components necessary to manufacture and repair many types of upholstery. We specialise in automotive upholstery. Thanks to many years of experience we are able to meet the challenges of supply of materials for marine, furniture, public service and medical purposes. We are trusted by thousands of companies from all over the world. Thanks to warehouses and logistics located in Central Europe we are able to offer attractive prices and high quality service. Offered materials originate only from reliable sources, mainly from Western Europe and are certified to be used by automotive industry.


            Alcantara is a patented material manufactured by only one factory in Italy. It has a leading position among luxurious car design materials. It is difficult to find luxury car brands which would not offer Alcantara upholstery. Over the years, Alcantara has gained the opinion of  the most desirable material in car interiors, becoming a synonym for luxury.

We offer first-grade original material straight from the manufacturer.

Alcantara automotive holds a range of car certificates, including those for public transport. It is characterised by higher UV resistance owing to which it is nearly completely fade resistant.

  • panel version – flexible, to be used in cockpits and roof lining
  • cover version – strengthened, intended for seats and hard elements of the upholstery
  • can be perforated or laminated using the PUR foam
  • sold from 1 linear metre
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