Inter Tap

We invite you to cooperate with the largest supplier of original and certified materials for car and specialist upholstery.

We keep over 250,000 metres of various fabrics as well as artificial and natural leathers for cars.

We fulfil orders all over Europe ensuring very short lead times.

95% of products on our offer are sent directly from our warehouses.  The delivery time in Poland ranges from 24-48 after shipping.  The majority of orders are delivered using our own means of transport.

  • save your time! You are requested to place your first order in writing, the following orders can be also accepted over the phone.
  • everything under control! We keep an individual account for each Client where we store information about goods which have been purchased. If something is needed, we can easily look it up in the previous orders.
  • order more and save on shipping costs! The more goods you order the less you will pay for the delivery, check it out at Online-Shop or call +48 690 031 321we speak English and find out how little you need to avoid delivery costs
  • promotions and sale! Information is sent to Clients by e-mail