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 Jacquard fabrics


This kind of fabrics is used for car seat upholstery. It is very strong materials. At the present almost all car producer uses it as basic upholstery at car medium segment.



Chenille fabrics


Producing proces is a bit differend than jacquard. It is also very stron kind of textile, bu more elegant and comfortable. You will find it in Mercedes.


It is one of the oldest type of car upholstery materials. While touching appear very nice and smouth. If you wish to have it at your new car you need to pay extra for velours.





One of the newest type of textile. You will see it in sport cars with agressive colours. Because of its structure it is said material is beathing.



  Vinyls called also eco-leather or skay is used in every car. It is very popular not only because is much cheaper than natural leather, but also it is easier to work with vinyls. We propose many colours and paterns of vinyls, laminated and unlaminated – all oryginal.



Used for car floor and inside carpets, also for trunks.  Very goog for the pulbics transport vechicle interiors.

We offer
More over 800 different paterned and plain fabrics with many colours. Most of them are high weight materials.


There are materials 140 cm to even 200 cm width.

We offer materials laminated with PUR foam 1 mm to 10 mm high with screen. We have also unlaminated materials which when ordered we can laminated with customer wish foam.