We have in offer a full collection of artificial leather manufactured by Spradling Company. These materials can be used in: interiors of cars, public transport vehicles,  home and contract furnishing, yahts, seating in public areas, in hospitality and healthcare industry for both indoor and outdoor objects.

Explore our range of exclusive fabrics by Camira. Depending on the collection the fabrics come with 5 or 10 years of producer’s guarantee.

The collections are divided according to the type of main material used in the production process, into natural-wool and synthetic-polyester. There is additional special group of product designed for panels.

la Tormenta - pvc vinyl producer

The old folk wisdom says that reality is never only black and white. For more than 20 years now we know that there is nearly infinite number of shades of gray. Please have a look at our collection of most desired grays in automotive upholstery market.

Soft tops are often exposed to extreeme weather conditions. Fading resistance, UV resistance and cold temperatures resistance. Inadequate meterial can ruin the joy of having convertible roadster into a nightmare. We offer materials from a producer that has been trusted for years by leading car manufacturers both in Europe and USA.

Nici Aman

Manufacturing process precision, raw materials quality, and technical expertise guarantees high performance threads that additionally protect the long-lasting of the machines. Synton collection and unique in the world Rassant collection guatantees best strenght of stitches. Serafil and serabrite are collections specifically designed for decorative stitches. And this is just the entry into the vide offer of sewing and embroidery threads.

If there is a synonym for luxury among upholstery materials both in furnituse and automotive industry then it must be Alcantara. Extremely exquisite fabric that for decades now is delighting users from the first sight.
Aesthetic qualities of upholstery made of alcantara remain incomparable. If you are looking for original Alcantara - you have come to the right place!